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Speculative design 
2019 School

Inspired by the Ancient Greek word ἔκστασις or ekstasis, "to be or stand outside oneself, a removal to elsewhere" –the root of  what we know as “Ecstasy”.  This is tought of by many to be the culmination of human possibility, and is embraced by mystics, zealots, philosophers, and hedonists alike. Ecstasy is generally known as a spiritual experience of total involvement –a jolt from ones typical reality into a state of complete and total bliss. With the ability to harness and enhance these experiences, the veil is lifted on a new way of living.

Ekstasis is a suite of gear used by those exploring communal pleasure seeking, designed for a future world of techno-tribalism. Via muscular/mental stimulation, mind/body connectivity, and precise chemical intervention, the system evokes profound states of being. Composed of three parts –the mask, suit, and harness, each piece works together to both intoxicate and house/maintain the body during these explorations in extreme euphoria.

Envisioned as a response to the growing distain toward relaxation and the pursuit of joy in our late capitalist society –Ekstasis is a uniform of highly specialized equipment meant specifically for self emancipation. The system allows the user to immerse themselves into prolonged trance like states of higher consciousness. In a world without work, with the right equipment, we become free to explore and hack the limits of our bodies, mind, and spirit.

The project examines contrasts of work and pleasure, and how they may look when there is no longer a distinction between the two. Informed by this, the crossover between workwear and BDSM underpin the stylistic choices of the apparatus. Graphically, however, Ekstasis pays homage to the psychedelic pulse of 90’s rave culture, the first frontier in achieving temporary techno-enlightenment.


torture-chambers. –2023